Stellenbosch University brand manual and toolkit

To mark Stellenbosch University's Centenary the standard corporate brand identity has been adapted to include the Centenary brand marks and visual identity. The toolkit provides an introduction, guidelines for use and key resource templates. These resources and guidelines were designed to assist the SU community to effectively and consistently build and protect the university’s brand through visual communication. Click here to download the SU brand manual and toolkit.


If you need guidance, the Corporate Communication and Marketing Division is available to assist. We are also happy to advise members of the SU community as well as external entities working on behalf of Stellenbosch University on projects where the visual brand identity is used.

Note that instances of co-branding (using SU brand marks in conjunction with the mark of any other entity) require written approval from both the Corporate Communication Division and Innovus. Please contact us for guidance and to request co-branded PowerPoint presentation templates.

Email branding@sun.ac.za

SU branded video call templates for MS Teams and Zoom

Five ways to keep your video presentations on brand

1. Download these helpful video call backgrounds and PowerPoint templates. Note: you’ll need your Stellenbosch University credentials to access these.
If you are unclear about how to upload these background templates, click below.
MS Teams

2. Plan well and in advance. In the case of video calls, classes, presentations and webinars time is money because time means data. Therefore, try to be organised, clear and to the point. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

3. Control your surroundings by ensuring that noise and interruptions are limited. That means positioning yourself in a comfortable, yet remote location conducive to video calling in order to prevent distraction.

4. Start your presentation by encouraging your audience to mute their mics and use the hand tool to prompt feedback or questions. Then, make sure your mic is muted when someone else is speaking. Invite them to use the chat function for comments and questions if you’d prefer.

5. Remember, you cannot control the context in which your audience is participating. Be sure to keep it lively and multi-modal if you can. Add a video, poll, or ask questions if you need to break the monotony. Here are some more tips if you need it.

For guidance and support contact the University's branding unit.

Video Presentation Backgrounds

PowerPoint Presentation Templates

SU branded Video Background Template