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Sustainability Message for September: Biodiversity on Tygerberg Campus

One of the areas the faculty has committed to focus on as part of our membership with the Global Green and Healthy Hospital network is improving biodiversity on our campus.

We are increasingly improving our biodiversity by creating beautiful natural spaces like the Ecowalk, which will encompass most of the 2,5km circumference of our campus. 

Not only is the planting of indigenous water wise plants beneficial to the health of our planet, but also to our physical, mental and social health as more people enjoy the beauty nature has to offer.

In order to create an awareness of our travel habits, we also commit to plant 60 trees per year on campus to partially offset the carbon emissions created by the approximately 1250 air tickets bought by the faculty each year. 

To further our tree planting efforts, we have partnered with a local NGO, Greenpop, to help plant trees in impoverished areas in the Western Cape who want to green and better their communities. Staff and students can join local tree planting days as opportunities for social and community investment.