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Stellenbosch EXPO for YOUNG SCIENTISTS: Learners excel
Author: Erika Hoffman
Published: 16/10/2017

​Expo for Young Scientists' vision is not only to inspire young scientists, but also to stimulate their interest in STEMI education by giving them opportunities to think creatively, research their questions and explore beyond their day-to-day learning in the school classroom.

On 24 and 25 August 299 learners from the bigger Stellenbosch region entered 245 projects, some individual, others pairs. Twenty-three schools participated by sending their best research projects to be exhibited. At this event, eighty-eight judges volunteered to use their expertise, time and effort to conduct interviews and evaluate every project. 30 Gold, 65 silver and 74 bronze medals, as well as 51 special prizes were awarded to deserving learners. Fifteen projects were chosen to represent Stellenbosch region at South African's International Science Fair (ISF).

The Birchwood Centre in Boksburg was a beehive of activity when more than 600 learners from the 35 Expo regions in South Africa, as well as visiting participants from Zimbabwe, Ghana, Zambia, Brazil, Kenya and Lesotho countries arrived on 3 October 2017. With more than 4 million rand's prizes to be won, the standard was high! Our own region's learners walked away with 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 6 bronze medals and 3 highly commended awards. Two deserving learners were appointed as category winners and another two won special cash prizes, one of the Royal Chemistry Society of SA and the other of Fluor SA!

Nas2017group2.png The learners who ​represented the Stellenbosch region at the South African’s International Science Fair (ISF). 
Photo:Public Domain

Stellenbosch University was one of 36 organisations, societies and universities that offered bursaries to deserving ISF participants. Fifteen Gr 10 and 11 learners who impressed with their problem solving and research skills, were selected to each receive R50 000 first year bursaries from SU.

Expo nurtures the talents of learners and develops the important skills that will be necessary to take our country forward in the 21st century.