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A new ID in five minutes: only possible at SU
Author: CAFadmin
Published: 09/03/2017

No long rows, waiting or frustration. Quick. Easy. Effective. This is true of the new registering process all clients of the Central Analytical Facilities (CAF) at Stellenbosch University will have to use to receive a unique CAF ID-number in only five minutes.

From 1 April 2017, all CAF clients will need a client number in order to use CAF services. The National Research Foundation (NRF) requirements for reporting usage of equipment funded by the National Equipment Programme (NEP) have become more demanding this year. The NRF now requires the university to report a comprehensive profile for each person who uses such equipment for a period of five years after the commissioning of the equipment. CAF created an effective system for collecting this information using only five minutes of the client’s time. Clients will be requested to provide basic information required by the NRF as well as contact details required by CAF and will only have to register once to have access to all CAF facilities. A unique CAF ID-number will be generated which will be required whenever clients make a booking or use any of the facilities.


Register today at and receive your CAF ID-number.