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Be extra vigilant during exam time
Author: Campus Security / Kampussekuriteit
Published: 15/05/2015

​​Stellenbosch and surrounding areas are just as safe or unsafe as any other town and city in South Africa. Is is therefore imperative to take the same precautions here that you would take anywhere else.

Stellenbosch Campus becomes very quiet during exam times. Many students prefer to study at home and only come to Stellenbosch when they have to write exam. There is less movement between residences and campus and less activity in academic buildings. During the second exam opportunity things become even more quiet. This draws opportunistic criminals.

Even though Campus Security has close ties with the local South African Police Service and the broader security community in town and a lot of attention and money have been allocated to security issues by implementing technology, patrols, emergency numbers, shuttle services and a safety kiosk, your safety remains your responsibility as well. Please make sure that you don't put yourself in danger through careless and thoughtless actions. 

Here are some important tips:

Park close

For example, if you park at the Coetzenburg centre during the day and know that you plan to work in, for example, the library, you can take the shuttle bus to Coetzenburg at 16:30 and fetch your vehicle. After 16:00 the booms are open and this enables you to park near the building where you will be working.​


Although loadshedding seems to be a thing of the past, be prepared! If possible, carry a flashlight with you and don't walk around in the dark if it isn't necessary. Please don't use candles or anything with an open flame.

Make use of the pedestrian escort service

Security officials will accompany staff members and students on request if they have to walk from one building to another or from a building to their vehicle on campus at night. This service is available from 19:00 to 05:00. Please call 021 808 4666 to request this service and leave enough time for a security official to join you.​

Report suspicious acitivity

Report suspicious-looking people, behaviour of vehicles: 021 808 4666 (Stellenbosch) or 021 938 9507 (Tygerberg). 

Save emergency numbers on your phone:

Stellenbosch = 021 808 2333; Tygerberg = 021 938 9507

Whatsapp: 082 808 2333.

Safety rescources

A whistle or pepper spray can be very useful in an emergency situation but this means you have to be prepared with the whistle aroun​d your neck or the pepper spray in your hand. You lose valuable time and the surprise element if you have to look for it first. The Matie Shop sells pepper spray. You can choose between a product with or without a key ring.​

Tips for personal safety

  • Avoid walking alone. Make arrangements to get home safely before you leave. Walk with friends or use the shuttle service.
  • Sport fields, the mountain road and parks are isolated, even during the day. Don't go walking or jogging on your own, regardless of whether it is dark, dusk or day. Invite someone to go with you or establish an exercise group.
  • Earphones with loud music limit your awareness of you surroundings and a criminal can surprise you. Make sure you are aware of what is going on around you when you go walking or jogging.
  • Cellphones and computers that are visible, make you a popular target.
  • Don't allow people to enter a building with card access with you. Insist that the person uses his/her own card.
  • Lock your door, even if you're in your room.
  • Use the safest routes even if they're not the shortest.
  • Property can be replaces but not lives. If your attacker is armed, it is safer not to resist.​



KaylaKayla2015-05-26T14:39:21ZDoes the whatsapp number work for Tygerberg campus as well? Or is that only for Stellenbosch? Thanks