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Register your bicycle!
Author: Campus Security / Kampussekuriteit
Published: 07/05/2015

The theft of bicycles is a big problem on the Stellenbosch campus.

Follow these tips to NOT become a victim:

  • Lock your bicycle with a u-lock. Fasten it to both the bicycle frame and a bicycle stand.
  • Don't use a thin chain or cable locks. These locks are broken by thieves without any difficulty.  
  • The use of a combination lock is also not advised.
  • REGISTER your bicycle for FREE at Campus Security. If your stolen bicycle is recovered, Campus Security can identify the owner immediately.
  • Make use of the bicycle sheds on campus.
  • Those who want make use of the sheds must register and activate their bicycle and student card at Campus Security to obtain entry.  
  • Rather lock your bicycle inside the shed than outside to the framework of the shed.
  • Keep a record of the bicycle's serial number, model, colour and any outstanding characteristics. Write it down and/or take a photograph.
  • Label your bicycle with your name and information. Be creative.

Report any suspicious people, with a good description, to Campus Security immediately. 

Memorise the emergency numbers of Campus Security, 021 808-2333 (Stellenbosch) and 021 938-9507 (Tygerberg). Or send a whatsapp message  082 808 2333.