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Additional shuttle buses for the exams
Author: Communication and Liaison/Kommunikasie en Skakeling
Published: 22/10/2014

​​​From 28 October until 5 December 2014 additional shuttle buses will be made available for transporting students to and from exam venues on the Stellenbosch campus. These buses will run from 18:00 until 23:00 on weekdays from one central point behind the Neelsie (northern entrance, between the Neelsie and the Merensky building).

The normal after hours shuttle service will still be available from 18:00 until 02:00. Both services run from the central campus up to a 6 km radius. This service is still free.

Click here for more information on the shuttle service. 

Because several thousand students have to report at different exam venues at any given time, it is only logical that students who live within walking distance of the exam venues are encouraged to walk in groups to and from their residences, so that students who stay further away from campus get the opportunity to be transported safely. It will also ensure that the buses return timeously to the pick-up point.

For the initiative to work properly and to ensure the maximum safety of our students, the University would also like to request your cooperation and/or inform you about the following:

  • Students with their own transport should continue using their own vehicle and park as closely as possible to the exam venue. The exam shuttle service will then be able to give an essential service to students who stay further away and do not have their own transport.
  • Additional security staff will man the pick-up points outside exam rooms, as well as the Neelsie and the Merensky Building.
  • The shuttles will depart as soon as there are enough passengers to justify a trip, rather than at set departure times. Make sure you have enough time to reach your exam venue on time.
  • The buses will drop students off on campus and surroundings within a 6 km radius of the Stellenbosch campus.
  • The after-hours shuttle service and the exam shuttle service are not available for transport to clubs and bars. ​