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Register/update your Community Interaction (now Social Impact) projects for 2015!

SU staff members in all faculties and support service divisions are requested to register new (or unregistered) projects for 2015 and/or confirm previously registered projects which continue to be active in 2015. The annual registration deadline is 31 October. 

New (or previously unregistered) Projects: Registration in this regard means that project owners are requested to fill in all the information pertaining to the project on the database and submit it for approval. 

Existing Projects: These are projects that were registered in 2014 and will continue in 2015. Registration in this regard means that project owners will adapt the existing record only where necessary, and confirm the information that remains the same. 

Please remember to submit your project for approval to your Head of Department and Dean on the database. Once your project has been approved, you will receive an email confirming the approval of your project. 

Registration and approval is only valid for the calendar year to ensure an accurate institutional record of all Community Interaction projects which can be used for management, monitoring, evaluation purposes. Collaboration and funding opportunities can then also be facilitated. 

How to access the database:

• Go to the University Home Page
• Click on "Community Interaction"
• Click on "Community Interaction Projects"
• Use the submenu to go to "Community Interaction Project Database"
• The list of all Community Interaction projects will appear
• Login at the top of the screen (with your network username and password) to register or update your project. 

Should you encounter any problems with the registration of your CI project, please contact Joanne Williams @ or 021 808 2977. Appointments can be made with Joanne should you require personal assistance with the registration process. 

Please note that registered community interaction projects also enjoy the benefit of the services of the Stellenbosch Foundation in terms of funding support for their projects. Please contact Sonia Schoeman @ / 021 808 2830