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Disciplinary Committee Notices

During a Microsoft Teams meeting on 17 September 2020 the Central Disciplinary Committee (CDC) considered an allegation that a student:

  • Accessed SunLearn materials during A2S1 online assessment assessment for Tax 399 module and provided unauthorised access to SunLearn to other persons.

The misconduct is in contravention of rule 10.1 of the Disciplinary Code for Students of Stellenbosch University ('the Code').

The student admitted the misconduct during an enquiry before the CDC, which was held in terms of paragraph 37 of the Code.

The following sanction was imposed by the CDC panel:

  1. Forfeiture of the assessment marks of the A2S1 online assessment for Tax 399. The mark of 0 will therefore be taken into account in the calculation of the student's final mark for the module. The panel is not prepared to make a finding that the student does not have access to the A4 assessment taking place in January. The department is required to use its discretion in this regard.
  2. Written apology to the lecturer concerned within 1 week.
  3. Sanction should be published on the electronic notice board with the student's name redacted.
  4. Suspended suspension of 12 months on the condition of not committing similar misconducts. This applies to accessing unauthorised materials during tests and exams, as well as providing other people with his university password.
  5. 50 hours of community service, starting in 2021 and to be completed during the 2021 academic year. This is dependent on the student returning to campus for the 2021 academic year and the normalisation of campus-life in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. Written warning to the student communicating that the student may not provide the student's university access password to any other person.

Signed by CDC Chairperson, MRH De Villiers on 18 September 2020