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DCE Guidelines: EMS Dean's Concession Exam (DCE)
  • ​​To qualify for the DCE, please note that you need to be registered as a final-year undergraduate student.
  • Final-year students from other faculties following EMS modules, have to verify DCE rules applicable to your specific faculty.

Within the FACULTY OF ECONOMIC & MANAGEMENT SCIENCES the following rules apply to the Dean's Concession Examination (DCE):

  • A Dean's Concession Exam may be granted in a module if it is the only module (of not more than 48 credits) that the final-year student needs to graduate and only if a final mark of at least 30 has been achieved in the relevant module.
  • Students registered for programmes within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences have to follow the Dean's Concession Exam guidelines applicable within that faculty.
  • All DCE's will be written during a single examination sitting by the end of January before the commencement of lectures, and no further examination papers will be set for this purpose.
  • Verify your academic results after the November exams and, should you qualify, remember to register a.s.a.p. for the DCE.
  • Register electronically for the DCE via the DCE registration link (on the faculty website at by 15 January 2019.

Link for registration: Application: Dean's Concession Exam 2019

Please note:   Even if you have met the requirements to write the Dean's Concession Exam (DCE), you have to register. If you do not follow the registration procedure, we will not be able to effectively prepare for the single Dean's Concession examination opportunity.

DATE: Friday, 25 January 2019

The exam will start at 09:00 sharp. The exam venues are listed below.

Yours sincerely

Ms N Daniels Faculty

Administrator: Economic and Management Sciences (EMS)


The exam venues for the Dean's Concession Exam on 25 Jan 2019 are:

Van der Sterr 2121:         School of Accountancy

CGW Schumann 107:      Departments of Economics AND Statistics and Actuarial Science

CGW Schumann 104:      Department of Business Management

CGW Schumann 204:      School of Public Leadership, Departments of Logistics AND Industrial Psychology

CGW Schumann 101:      All students who did not register, will be referred to this venue.