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Viable Sourcing Solution for Sport Facilities Maintenance for SU Campus at Coetzenburg & Satellite Facilities

In the negotiations between the Unions and Stellenbosch University (SU) during the course of 2016 regarding insourcing and outsourcing, the parties agreed to a process of Viable Sourcing. Viable Sourcing is defined as a system and process whereby the University, in a transparent manner, taking into account input of various stakeholders, decides on the optimal vehicle for the provision of essential services to the University. To this end SU is committed to a process of Viable Sourcing when an essential services contract is due for renewal or a requirement for a service arises.

Stellenbosch University is commencing with the Viable Sourcing process for Sport Facility Maintenance at the Stellenbosch campus at Coetzenburg and Satellite Facilities. As part of the Viable Sourcing process, input is hereby requested from interest groups or any parties that may potentially be affected by the sourcing approach. People who would like to comment are requested to submit written submissions to Hendri Knoetze, Senior Buyer, via email at  or to submit submissions to him at the Purchasing & Provision Services Building (Merriman Avenue), by 4 October 2017. People that want to comment in person, must indicate this and provide contact details. These submissions will form part of the evaluation of the viable sourcing.

In order to compare viable options a request for proposals will be issued to Sport Facilities Maintenance Companies. The service required is for the maintenance of the following facilities:

  • Sport fields (Turf and Astro)
  • Clubhouses and surrounding areas
  • Swimming pools and ablution facilities
  • Cricket pitches
  • Tennis courts
  • Indoor sports halls
  • Grounds maintenance workshops and stores
  • Informal turf and rough areas
  • General recreational areas within sport
  • Picnic areas

The following activities will be required at various frequencies to the above areas:

  • Maintenance of lawns and turf
  • Preparation of cricket pitches
  • Management of machinery, equipment and the maintenance thereof
  • Painting of lines and preparation of fields
  • Irrigation management and maintenance
  • Identification and treatment of pests and weeds
  • Maintenance of swimming pools and chemical application
  • Application of a planned maintenance regime

The proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Proven human dignity protocols and practices regarding Human Resource Management
  • Sustainability of Solution
  • BBBEE Rating
  • References of at least five current clients
  • Value Proposition
    • Methodology in terms of:
        • Management Controls
        • Communication Systems
        • Management of Safety Aspects (OHSA)
        • Quality Control Systems
        • Management of sensitive areas
        • How is client satisfaction achieved and guaranteed