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Tender 3/2017

Stellenbosch University will submit a variety of redundant furniture and equipment to Tender Auction.


Interested parties can view all items for sale at the Purchases & Supply Services Store in Hammandshand Road, Stellenbosch, as from Monday, 14 August  until Friday, 18 August 2017,

during the hours 09:00 – 15:00.


The following must appear on the sealed tender envelopes:

·         Name of tenderer

·         Tender number (US TV3/2017)

·         Closing date of tender (15:00 Friday, 18 August 2017)


Tenderers must clearly specify for which item they tender by means of the item number. Tenderers must tender per item number.


Submission of Tender US TV3/2017 closes at 15:00 on Friday, 18 August 2017.


Successful tenderers will be notified by no later than Wednesday, 23 August 2017 with regard to items successfully tendered for, as well as the amount payable.  Successful tenderers must settle the identified amount with the Stellenbosch University Cashiers, Admin A Building Reyneveld Street, Stellenbosch, by no later than, Friday, 25 August 2017 .  Items will only be available for removal on submission of an official Stellenbosch University receipt from Cashiers.  All items purchased must be removed by 15:00 on Friday, 25 August 2017.


Direct any further enquiries regarding the tender auction to Mrs L Cilliers on 021 808 4506.