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SU introduces reporting hotline

​​“Stellenbosch University places a high premium on good governance and financial management. In this regard, staff and students play a very important role – especially with regard to reporting incidents, conduct and trends that are not in line with the values of good corporate and financial management.”

This was the message of Prof Leopoldt van Huyssteen, Executive Director: Operations and Finance, in writing to staff and students to announce an independent hotline facility where employees and students can report any form of unethical practice, including sexual harassment and racial discrimination, in an anonymous and secure manner.
The hotline, KPMG Ethics Hotlines, operates as an independent conduit and the University cannot, for example, demand that the identity of callers be revealed. The number is 0800 20 45 49.

The call centre is operational on a 24-hour basis and calls are free if made from a Telkom line. Staff and students can thus make calls after hours too. Information can also be sent by fax, mail, e-mail or provided via the Internet. Calls are fielded by experienced call centre agents versed in all 11 official South African languages.

Staff and students should use the following steps as set out below:
1.  Dial 0800 20 45 49 (toll free from any Telkom telephone).
2.  You may remain anonymous. Please provide full details such as who is involved, what has happened, how it was done, where it took place, when the incident was observed and if possible, the estimated monetary value.
3.  You will be given a reference number. Please keep this confidential as you will need this number if you make a follow-up call to add additional information or if you need feedback.

You may also fax details anonymously to a confidential fax line, 0800 200 796, but please contact the hotline for a reference number which must be included in the faxed report. The same will apply for reports sent by mail, e-mail and those posted online.
Details can be mailed free-of-charge to: KPMG Hotpost, BNT371, PO Box 14671, Sinoville, 0129. The e-mail address is or you can provide informationhere.

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