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Stellenbosch Forum Lecture: Prof Nuraan Davids
Start: 22/06/2017, 13:00
End: 22/06/2017, 14:00
Contact:Felicia Mc Donald - 021 808 2581
Location: JS Gericke Library Auditorium

You are hereby cordially invited to the third Stellenbosch Forum lecture for the year.

The Stellenbosch Forum lecture series was started in 1990 and provides regular opportunities to staff and students at SU, as well as interested people from the public, to learn more about the relevant, world-class research that is being done at SU. Researchers are requested to present their academic research topics in such a way that they are understandable for non-experts in the field, and these lectures therefore provide the ideal opportunity for critical debate and interesting discussions across disciplinary boundaries.

At this event Prof Nuraan Davids, Associate Professor of Education Policy Studies at Stellenbosch University, will present a seminar with the title:

Tolerance and controversy: What are the limits?

Date:    Thursday, 22 June 2017

Time:    13:00 – 14:00

Venue:  JS Gericke Library Auditorium

More about the lecture:

This talk is based on my co-authored book (with Yusef Waghid) Tolerance and Dissent within Education:  On cultivating Debate and Understanding (New York & London: Palgrave MacMillan). While the book takes into account how the concept of tolerance might be understood, cultivated and enacted in and through educational encounters, the focus of this talk will be to consider the limitations of tolerance in the face of controversy. In other words, does tolerance necessarily imply an uncritical acceptance of all divergent views? Does society have a greater chance of human flourishing and peaceful co-existence if spaces for open dialogue, criticism and dissent are encouraged? Or, is tolerance necessarily conditioned by the limits of what we are willing to tolerate?