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Social skills: Self-esteem
Start: 16/08/2017, 13:00
End: 16/08/2017, 13:50 -
Location: 49 Victoria Street, Room 1007

The worksession-series teaches students to communicate with greater confidence in a variety of social settings.

The Unit for Psychotherapeutic and Support Services offers worksessions on topics that focus on students' interpersonal and emotional wellbeing.  The worksession-series "Improving your self-confidence and social skills" is aimed at students who feel they would like to improve their confidence when interacting with others.

The worksession-series consists out of three sessions offered over a three-week period; each addressing a relating topic, namely:

  • Self esteem (16 August, 13h00–13h50)
  • Communication (23 August, 13h00–13h50)
  • Assertiveness (30 August, 13h00–13h50)

The aim of the worksession-series is to look at the theory and a general understanding of the above three topics, as well as your own personal profiles.  The group-setting will provide an opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills and simultaneously engage with other students in a safe environment. The worksession-series is offered over the course of three weeks to enable you to reflect on how these concepts apply to your own life and how you can practically implement them.

You will benefit most from the worksession-series if you attend all three sessions.

Course fees and Payment Procedure

Cost: Free of charge

Process: Register online

Should you require more information about the worksession-series, please e-mail