Political Science
Welkom by Universiteit Stellenbosch

Dr Nicola de Jager


BA Hons (University of Stellenbosch); MA (University of Stellenbosch); PhD (University of Pretoria)

Teachi​​ng specialisation

Southern African politics; South African politics; comparative politics and democracy.

Research in​​terests

One party dominant systems in developing countries; democracy and agents of accountability (political and civil society); South African politics.

Current r​​esearch projects

Comparative study of dominant party systems in Southern Africa; political dynamics in South Africa's democracy; and the political culture of the 'born-frees' at Stellenbosch University.

​​Recent publicat​​ions


De Jager, N. (ed.) 2015. South African Politics: An Introduction. Cape Town: Oxford University Press Southern Africa.

De Jager, N. and Du Toit, P. (eds.) 2013.  Friend or Foe? Dominant party systems in Southern Africa: Insights from the developing world. United Nations University Press and UCT Press.

Journals a​nd Book Chapters 

De Jager, Nicola and Cindy Lee Steenekamp (2015). "The changing political culture of the African National Congress," Democratization. Available online: http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/VPUgb8HBbktd8tBW9XdT/full

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Co-edited book with Pierre du Toit titled Friend or Foe? Dominant party systems in Southern Africa:Insights from the developing world. 2013. Published by United Nations University Press and UCT Press.

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Opinion Pieces in the Popular Media

'State companies can't help development if the state is a partisan player':


'In free speech debates, consider Christianity's history of liberalism', The Conversation.

'Analysis: SA's national elections since 1994', Eyewit​​ness News.

'Why elections in Botswana and South Africa can be 'free' but not 'fair', Democracy in Africa.

South Africa is in danger of becoming a radicalised society- again (https://theconversation.com/south-africa-is-in-danger-of-becoming-a-radicalised-society-again-49257)